Year 2

Welcome to our Year 2 page.


The teachers who work in Year 2 are Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Rawling, Mr Davis, Mrs Penney and Mrs Fletcher.  They are supported by Miss Park.


Below you will find our new topic knowledge organisers.  These are designed to help you work with your child at home and see what they are learning in school.  The organisers include questions on the topic, vital vocabulary and what they should know by the end of the unit.


Autumn Term 2


This half term we have been have been busy! We have learned about habitats and why they are suited to the animals who live there.


In history we have been finding out about the Carlisle floods. We have had visitors into school who shared their first hand experiences with the children. The children were all really interested about this topic and displayed some fantastic questioning skills.

We also explored the history behind Bonfire Night. The children enjoyed hearing about the Gunpowder Plot and produced some super pieces of writing and artwork as a result.


In art, we have been exploring pattern, colour and line after looking closely at the work of famous artist Kandinsky. This involved responding to music and using pattern and line to express how the music made us feel.


In PE we have been perfecting our gymnastic movements and balances with Miss Foster.


We have just began learning about the United Kingdom, the countries that form it and their captial cities in geography.