Welcome to Skylarks. 


This term the children have been settling in to their new room and learning new routines.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We help children to develop personally, socially and emotionally.  We will support the children to learn to get on with others, make friends, understand and express their feelings.  We will help the children develop their independence e.g. encouraging them to put on their own coats, wellies and shoes. We will support the children to feel good about themselves.


Communication and language

Children are encouraged to listen attentively, talk about their experiences and to use language in a variety of ways to communicate with adults and peers. We will help them to develop their understanding and extend their vocabulary.


Physical Development

Children will be taught to move confidently and with increasing control and co-ordination during outdoor play activities and in P.E. activities. We will help them to develop fine motor control when they are using tools, scissors, small construction equipment and malleable materials like sand and clay.  We will support the children in becoming independent in their self-care  skills.  This will include things such as pouring their own drinks, buttering their own toast and toileting and washing their hands.



Children are taught to use mathematical language through a variety of activities such as stories, songs, games, baking and throughout our daily routine. During the sessions the children will become familiar with numbers, shapes, spaces and solving problems in the real world.



The children are learning to develop a love of books and stories.  They are encouraged to explore mark making as an early introduction to writing.


Understanding the World

This area of learning develops the children’s understanding of technology and people around them and also about some of the features of the natural and man-made world. Children will be encouraged to be curious, ask questions, investigate and explore different aspects of the world they live in.


Expressive arts and design

Children will be encouraged to use their imagination and express their ideas and feelings using a wide range of materials. In dance, role play, painting, model making and music, children will develop their creative and imaginative skills.



A home-learning activity sheet will be  handed out during our first week back after half term.  It can be handed back in anytime during next term.

If you have any questions about the home-learning activities, please see Mrs Armiger or Mrs Hill



We have been working really hard to get all the parent/carer emails set up, so that you can receive observations on your child.

Please respond to the email by clicking on the link. If you don’t receive an email, please speak to a member of staff. We will be sending out 2/3 observations per half term.


Spare clothes

Please can the children have spare clothes in their school bag? The children sometimes get wet from playing in the water tray or in the big garden and sometimes toileting mishaps. Thank you.