Spring term 2019 20

Spring Term 2020


The first part of the Spring term we have been learning about Winter. The children started the topic by sharing what they already knew and then asked questions that we wanted to find out. Through a range of different areas of the Early Years Curriculum, we have learned about many things including; ice, seasonal changes, how it snows, things we enjoy doing in the winter time and what animals do in the winter time. We explored ice and had lots of questions which we investigated; What happens to ice when it melts? Where will ice melt the quickest? How is ice made? To draw our topic to a close we have looked at the questions we asked and can now answer them!

We have enjoyed retelling traditional tales including: The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Enormous Turnip.  We are getting really good at using out story language and making our own story maps.  We worked in groups to design and create alternate ways to get the goats over the river.  We designed and made bridges using construction materials and boats using junk modelling materials.


We are beginning our new topic as we enter the second part of the Spring term which is Journeys. We have begun by going on a journey around our school and recording what types of journeys people were making.