Spring 2

This half term has been full of visits and visitors as part of our People Who Help Us topic.


The children had a great time visiting our community Carlisle Fire Station. The children learned the role of a Fire Fighter and the equipment that they use.  We all got to have a go with the water hose and found out how important it is to have a smoke alarm in our home!


We had a visit from the Police who came to school and told us all about their roles and responsibility within our community. They showed us their uniform, the equipment they carry and let us have a sit in their Police van!


A local vet from Coomara Veterinary Practice came into school and brought their dog Woody! We learned how to look after pets and how to stay safe around animals.


Just before Easter, we began learning about New Life and Spring. We planted different bulbs in our Big Garden and loved seeing the daffoldils we had planted in Autumn begin to grow. We took clipboards outside and created some observational drawings of the 'new life' we could see. We listened to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, and planted our very own beans to find out if ours would grow as tall as Jack's!