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Halloween Bake Sale Thursday 31st October 3.00pm

If you are happy to bake any Halloween themed cakes or biscuits for the sale these would be gratefully received.  Please drop items off in school on the morning of the sale.  Label your cake boxes or tins so we can make sure we get these back to you after the sale.  Children will also be baking in their classes to contribute to the sale.


Halloween Craft Competition

Please bring your compettion entries into school by Wednesday 30th October.  We would appreciate a donation of 50p,for each competition entry, to support the PTFA in raising funds.  The competition will be judged on 31st and winners will recieve prizes.  You will be able to take your crafts home again after school has finished on 31st.  We look forward to seeing your spooky entries!



We are always looking for new members to join us. 

If you would be interested, please see the school office.