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Summer Term

We have been talking about how we can reduce, reuse and recycle our rubbish, the children participated in a variety of activities using recyclable materials, sorting it into plastic, paper, card, glass and tins. We have used lots of old wellies to create new planters for our flowers. We have also enjoyed creating 3D models using old cardboard boxes, tubes, and plastic packaging.


At the start of Spring we had some daffodils in the classroom, the children used magnifying glasses to look closely at them and talk about their observations.


 We have engaged in lots of maths activities, counting, ordering numbers and matching quantity to number. Outside some children have been interested in using the balance scales, talking about weight comparing heavy and light objects.


We have been marking making using a variety of materials such as chalk, paint, water and shaving foam.


The caterpillars have arrived at nursery sparking great interest, the children have been observing them closely and are looking forward to watching them grow and change into butterflies later in the term.  Take a look at our album!


 Home learning

The home learning will be sent out week commencing 29th April.

If you have any questions about the home learning, please see your child’s key person.



We have been working really hard to get all the parent/carer emails set up so you can receive observations on your child.

Please respond to the email by clicking on the link.

If you don’t receive an email please speak to your child’s key worker. We will be sending out 2/3 observations per half term.


Spare clothes

Please can the children have spare clothes in their school bag? The children sometimes get wet from the water tray or from the big garden. Thank you.