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Summer Term 1

This half term the children have been learning about animals. We started off the term with a special delivery of caterpillars which we have all been looking after and watching them grow and change daily. The children then explored jungle and zoo animals.

The afternoon nursery are taking part in 'Action Ants' for their PE session. They have been taking part in archery, tennis, jungle football and fencing. This is a very action packed session with lots of fun and excitement.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

33 caterpillars arrived to nursery on our first day back after the Easter holidays. This was so exciting! The children put the caterpillars into their new home and we have been watching them grow and change. The caterpillars are now in their chrysalis where they will stay for the next 2 weeks. Look out for recent updates!

The children made their own caterpillars using water balloons and paint and painted their symmetrical butterflies. The children then used the IPad to draw a caterpillar or a butterfly working on their ICT skills and using their dominant hand.


Rumble in the Jungle and Dear Zoo

We have then started to learn about animals that live in the jungle or the zoo. We have been reading lots of rhyming stories and learning about each animal. We have been drawing long and short snakes and adding horizontal and vertical lines. We have then practised our cutting skills and cut snakes from a paper plate.

We are very excited to begin reading Hand's Surprise.


Spring Term 2

This half term the children have been learning about 'New Life'. They have looked at animals and their young, planting and growing seeds and explored the season Spring. The children finished the term by looking at Easter. We have been very busy this term but the children loved looking at the cress growing each day. The children particularly enjoyed the Easter egg hunt in the big garden where the Easter bunny had been and left lots of chocolate. 

The morning nursery have been taking part in 'Rugby Tots' for their PE. Each week they have been leanring different ball skills including throwing and kicking. The children enjoyed doing obstacle courses with their rugby ball and playing simple games of tag rugby.


New Life

The children started the term looking at animals and their young. The children have been learning the animal names and matching the animal babies to their Mum. The children then explored the Big garden and looked for signs of new life. They explored the new flowers growing and the blossom on the trees. The children then planted their own cress seeds in class. We watched them grow each day and the children were very surprised how much they had grown over the weekend.



The children were excited by the topic Easter because they knew it involved chocolate! We looked at a simple Easter story and shared our traditions of Easter. The children made Easter baskets, nests, cards and had a very exciting chocolate hunt.

All the children took part in making an Easter paste egg or an Easter bonnet with their Mums and Dads at home as part of their home learning. These were FANTASTIC! A HUGE thank you to everyone for their contribution. 


Spring Term 1

This half term the children have been learning about Winter, Superheroes and we have explored the role of a bus driver through the story 'Naughty Bus'.


Winter Topic

The children have created winter trees using brushes and corks to create a winter display. We explored ice and the process of melting and freezing. The children loved doing the snowman ice experiment and they predicted what would happen to the ice over the session. The children have then printed a snowman using different shapes.


Superhero Topic

This topic has engaged all the children especially the boys! All the children LOVED dressing up as different superheroes and flying around the classroom. During PE the children climbed through spiderman's web, travelled in different ways and made different superhero shapes with their body.

The children have painted themselves as their favourite superhero, used the IPad's to draw a superhero on a paint program, created Supertato using a potato and different craft resources and the children did some 'Secret Writing' using torches and pencils. We have focused on using our dominant hand and using a tripod grip to hold our mark making tools.


Naughty Bus

The children have loved reading this fantastic story and have used their imagination to travel different places on the bus we created in class. The children painted 'Naughty Bus' and talked about where they would like to on their journey.


This half term we have started library sessions where the children are choosing a book to take home for a week.

Miss Woods group- Wednesday morning

Mrs Armiger's group- Thursday morning

Afternoon nursery will change their books on a Thursday.


On Friday 3rd February we raised money for the NSPCC by taking part in number day. The children wore a shape, colour, number or pattern and took part in a range of maths activities across the session. The parents were invited in to nursery to play some games with their child.


Autumn Term

This term the children have been learning about colours and shapes through different stories and rhymes. They loved reading ‘Aliens love Underpants’ and creating different patterned pants. We have been reading the traditional tales ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’ which are linked to our Little Big Maths. The children have been making bear toast and tasting porridge.

The children love to explore the big garden. They particularly enjoy the mud kitchen and the large water tray and toys.  

This term the children have been making lots of different creations for our class room displays. The children are fantastic artists and they love to be creative and use their imagination.  Please take a look at all our photographs.

 At the end of this half term we will begin learning the songs and parts for our Christmas nativity alongside the topic ‘Christmas’. We will be discussing our Christmas traditions, talking about Santa and making Christmas lists.

We are all looking forward to our Christmas trip to Walby Farm Park.