Class 8

Welcome to Class 8

If you are in Class 8 then Mr McNeill will be your teacher. Miss Park also works in class 8 on a Wednesday to Friday. 

You will also meet Mrs Lawrence, Miss Holland and Miss Walker in class 8 during the week. 


Summer Term 1 - Water


Our new topic is called 'Water'. 

We will be learning about the water cycle and about ocean life. We will find out about famous seafaring explorers and study the 'Sea and Sky' artwork by Matisse. 

This half term your year 2 child will be taking national tests known as SATS. They sit test papers for reading, maths and spelling, grammar and punctuation. If you have any questions about the tests please speak to the year 2 teaching staff. 

SATS information for parents




Spring Term 2 - Life

We learned about life cycles and hibernation and about what humans and animasl need to survive.  We found out about our own personal histories. We studied healthy diets and good hygiene as well. Book day and Fair Trade day were great fun. 




We created abstract portraits in the style of Picasso and we made posters of animal life cycles. 


Spring Term 1 - China

In the first half of the Spring our topic was called 'China'.

We found out about the Great Wall and about Chinese culture including their New Year celebrations and their Zodiac. Some of us were born in the year of the ox and some in the year of the tiger! All three of our year 2 classes worked on a lovely display all about the Chinese willow pattern and the story behind it. 


Willow pattern