Class 6



Welcome to Class 6 

Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Sproat and Mrs Hill all work in



Summer Term Topic


Food Glorious Food


This term we are enjoying being little gardeners, planting seeds and finding out what plants need to grow and thrive. We will be planning gardens and looking at artists (Matisse, Van Gogh, Tim Lam and Andy Warhol) who have created flowers and trees, recreating their styles and ideas using paint and collage. We are also looking at what parts of plants we can eat and how important plants are to maintaining a healthy diet. We investigate what type of plants grow around our school and try to learn their names.




We will  also investigate making bread and other delicious foods and then write instructions on how to make them. We are also enjoying making music with Mr Clarke, singing songs about plants, food and the stories we are sharing.


In literacy we are looking at the traditional tales of Jack and the Beanstalk, The Enormous Turnip and The Little Red Hen. We are using these books to inspire us to write our own versions of the stories.



Spring 2017

Our topic for this term is Hot and Cold

The children have loved learning about the Arctic and the Antarctic .

They have used information books to find out facts about animals living in the polar regions and they have created some fantastic artwork. Penguin pictures have been created in a variety of different ways !





We read  Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and then the children made penguin models out of plasticine. They copied the picture where the penguin was alone in his upturned umbrella. It was a fun task which the children thoroughly enjoyed.




Autumn 2016

Our topic this term is Amazing Animals 


We are enjoying learning about Amazing Animals.


We have learnt about animals from around the world.


We know that animals are grouped into different categories.


We talked about how animals played an important role during both world wars.


We recognise that some animals make good therapy animals and are special companions to people who are poorly.




Henri Matisse 


Being a very creative class, we have enjoyed looking at animals in Art.

We learnt about the artist Henri Matisse and re-created some of his work.






In maths the children have learned how to create symmetrical patterns. They have used a variety of different materials and have also worked collaboratively to create huge symmetrical patterns . They were very proud of their achievement on this particular day !