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Welcome to Class 5


Collage portraits   collage portraits


Welcome to Class 5's page.


In Class 5 you will find Mrs Emerson and Mrs Phillips.

Summer Term Topic

Food Glorious Food

This term we are enjoying being little gardeners, planting seeds and finding out what plants need to grow and thrive. We will be planning gardens and looking at artists (Matisse, Van Gogh, Tim Lam and Andy Warhol) who have created flowers and trees, recreating their styles and ideas using paint and collage. We are also looking at what parts of plants we can eat and how important plants are to maintaining a healthy diet. We investigate what plants grow around our school and try to learn their names. We will also investigate making bread, other delicious foods and being able to write instructions on how to make them. We are also enjoying making music with Mr Clarke, singing songs about plants, food and the stories we are sharing.

In literacy we are looking at traditional tales of Jack and the Beanstalk, The Enormous Turnip and The Little Red Hen. We are using these books to inspire us to write our own versions of the stories.


Monday 8th May

Pets at Home visited our class with some of their friends




Ready for our Christmas Performance 'Hey Ewe'



Spring Term Topic

Hot and Cold

This term we are enjoying learning about Hot and Cold!

During the first half term we have been finding out about cold places i.e. the Arctic and Antarctic, and the animals that live there.

We are learning about ice, how it is made and why it melts.

We are also thinking of and testing ways that we can keep ice for longer.

We are learning about the journey of the Titanic and Robert Scott of the Antarctic.


During the second half term we will find out about hot places i.e. Africa and its weather along with the people and animals that live there. We will compare it with where we live.

We will look at the effects of heat on different materials and what happens when they cool again.

We will look at artists of African art including Tony Hudson and Henri Rousseau.


Throughout the whole of the term we will share lots and lots of stories about our topic and will learn new words to read and spell so that we can become super story tellers too.


World Book Day-Thursday 2nd March 2017

We dressed up as book characters.

Everyone looks fantastic!

Can you guess which characters we are?



Number Day-Friday 3rd February

We had lots of fun working with and finding out about numbers.


DSC00843  DSC00840


Number Day 4  Number Day 3 


Number Day 2


Ice Trolls Experiment

We wanted to find out which was the best material to keep the ice trolls cold. We chose materials and wrapped them around the ice trolls. They were left together for 2 hours. Then we measured how much of the ice had melted in a measuring cylinder.





Our experiment to find out where in the classroom ice would melt fastest/slowest






Autumn Term Topic

Amazing Animals


This term we are enjoying learning about Amazing Animals!


We started by looking at humans, naming body parts, understanding why we have bones and the importance of our senses.


We are learning that animals are grouped into different categories and why they belong there.


We are looking at where different animals, such as pets, come from.


We are finding out which animals help us now and in the past.


We are also looking at artists who have created pictures of animals, including L S Lowry, Henri Matisse and Dawn Crothers.





Creating a whole class Henri Matisse's Icarus Falling



We created individual 'The Snail'  in the style of Henri Matisse



Enjoying animal music with Mr Clark



Exploring leaves and how they move and sound for our Autumn Leaves Poems






Preparing shoe boxes for Samaritans Purse


A Giant African Snail

A salamander

 A Tortoise


Mr Hunt visited from Zoo Lab and showed us and talked about some of his amazing animals.


Road Safety Day 23.11.16

We practised using our Green Cross Code